Client Resource Center

Whether it is your first time partnering with RIIB, or if you have worked with us before, we hope to provide you with resources to move your projects forward efficiently. Please review general eligible entities, projects, and costs (specific eligibility requirements vary by project). If you have a project and you’d like to explore funding or financing opportunities with RIIB,  we look forward to hearing from you!

Process: Where do I start? 

1. Conversations with RIIB and Regulatory Partners

Contact us to discuss your project idea and learn about how we can help.

2. Project Priority List (PPL) Application

A PPL qualifies and ranks projects proposed by eligible entities in the state. PPLs are typically prepared by each regulatory partner at least once per year. Once projects are listed on the PPL, eligible entities can seek financial assistance from the Bank. A link to the PPL applications can be found at the bottom of this page, but this will be discussed during conversations with RIIB. Enlistment periods exist; however, the Bank will try to accommodate your needs.

3. Financing Application to RIIB

RIIB will work with you to complete the Bank's financing application. See below for different application types.


Eligible Entities

  • Water systems and suppliers
  • Local governmental units
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Municipalities
  • Utilities
  • Homeowners (limited to sewer projects)

Eligible Costs

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Construction

Eligible Projects

  • Water Pollution Abatement
  • Drinking Water Supply
  • Water Quality Improvement
  • Water Conservation
  • Septic Systems
  • Efficient, Renewable, and Clean Energy
  • Environmental Health and Safety Projects
  • Brownfield Remediation
  • Road and Bridge Projects

Applications: which one is right for you?

Financial Application - General

This application is for public entities to apply for long-term financing for drinking water, clean water, energy efficiency and/or renewable energy, or road and bridge projects. Click Here.

Financial Application - Small Drinking Water

This application is for small drinking water systems serving less than 10,000 people. Click here.

Municipal Resilience Program Application

This application is for communities interested in pursuing the Municipal Resilience Program. Click here.

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy

This program is designed to assist commercial, industrial, and non-profit organizations finance clean energy projects. To participate in the C-PACE Program, click here.

Financial Application - Stormwater Accelerator 

This application is for nonprofits interested in “accelerating” grant-funded projects. This program provides construction-style loans for projects that have received grants but do not have adequate cashflow to finance the construction prior to grant reimbursement. Click here.

Financial Application - CSSLP/STILF/FPLP

This application is for municipalities to apply to participate in our Community Septic System Loan Program, Sewer Tie-In Loan Fund, or for a Facility Plan Loan. Click here.

Are you a homeowner interested in low-cost loans for septic or sewer work? Check out RIHousing to learn more and see if your community participates.