Rule Identifier: 830-RICR-10-40-1
Rulemaking Action: Proposed Adoption
Important Dates:
Date of Public Notice: February 2, 2023
Hearing Date: February 16, 2023
End of Public Comment: March 4, 2023

Rulemaking Authority:
R.I. Gen. Laws § 46-12.2-4
Summary of Rulemaking Action:
These rules govern the Municipal Resilience Program (“MRP”). The MRP provides direct
support to Rhode Island cities and towns to complete a municipal-driven process that brings
together climate change information and local knowledge to identify top hazards, current
challenges, and community strengths.

Additional Information and Public Comments:
All interested parties are invited to request additional information or submit written or
oral comments concerning the proposed adoption until March 4, 2023 by contacting
the appropriate party at the address listed below:

Kimberly Korioth
Infrastructure Bank
235 Promenade Street
Suite 119
Providence, RI 02908

Public Hearing:
A public hearing, in accordance with R.I. Gen. Laws § 42-35-2.5, to consider the
proposed adoption shall be held at which time and place all persons interested
therein will be heard. This hearing is subject to R.I. Gen. Laws Chapter 42-46, Open Meetings.

Public Hearing Information:
Date: February 16, 2023
Time: 9:30 A.M.
Location: 235 Promenade Street Suite 119, Providence, RI, 02908

The seating capacity of the room will be enforced and, therefore, the number of
persons participating in the hearing may be limited at any given time by the hearing
officer in order to comply with safety and fire codes. The place of the public hearing is accessible to individuals with disabilities. If communication assistance (readers/interpreters/captioners) is needed, or any other accommodation to ensure equal participation, please call 401-453-4430 X-200 or RI
Relay 711 at least three (3) business days prior to the meeting so arrangements can
be made to provide such assistance at no cost to the person requesting. For
questions regarding available parking, please contact the agency staffperson listed

Regulatory Analysis Summary and Supporting Documentation:
The MRP is a continuing program at Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank. MRP grants
and loans for theconstruction of resilience capital projects are awarded annually,
andagreements with awardees last for a two-year period. Programmatic costs
toawardees primarily occur over the two years of their MRP agreement period.
Thebenefits of the resulting resilience capital projects are inherently designedto be
long-lasting to indefinite, as more sustainable projects are selected forin the
proposal review process.

For full regulatory analysis or supporting documentation contact the agency
staff person listed above.

To view the proposed MRP Regulations, please click here.

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