Leveraging Prior Efficiency Investments


Green Line Apothecary



Green Line Apothecary invested nearly $350,000 in energy-saving upgrades at their Providence location, including LED lighting, spray-foam insulation, and high-efficiency HVAC equipment. Rather than leave that capital tied up in the building, Green Line sought a way to leverage those funds to support continued growth of their business.


$327,000 loan via the C-PACE program. Rhode Island C-PACE affords building owners the opportunity to leverage energy efficiency and clean energy measures installed any time after July 2015.


“At Green Line Apothecary, we are not just green in name only. Our modern version of the neighborhood drugstore means being engaged and responsible members of the communities we serve,” said Ken Procaccianti, President & Chief Operating Officer of Green Line Apothecary. “And practicing environmental sustainability is a crucial part to being a community steward. Green Line now serves Rhode Island statewide and looks forward to working again.”