Free Energy Audits Available to Municipalities and Quasi-State Entities

Free Energy Audits Available to Municipalities and Quasi-State Entities

Aug 15 2019

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Free Energy Audits Available to Municipalities and

Quasi-State Entities

Infrastructure Bank announces application deadline for Efficient Buildings Fund


PROVIDENCE – Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank (the Bank) and the Office of Energy Resources (OER) announced the opening of two energy efficiency opportunities for municipalities and quasi-state entities – the Efficient Buildings Fund (EBF) and the availability of free energy audits. Taken together, these two opportunities have the potential to significantly reduce energy costs through the investment of energy efficiency projects at public facilities. The free, no -obligation energy audits, provided by the Bank, OER and National Grid, will help identify energy savings improvements for municipalities, quasi-state entities and public schools.


The Efficient Buildings Fund is a low-cost loan program offered by the Infrastructure Bank and Office of Energy Resources. It funds cash-flow positive energy projects where energy savings generated from the investment exceeds the repayments for the loan. Since inception of the program in 2015, twelve municipalities have saved over $69 million in lower energy costs through upgrading heating and cooling systems, LED lighting for facilities and street lighting as well as adding solar to their facilities roofs. Efficient Building Fund applications are due October 18th and can be found here.


Energy audits can uncover inexpensive, easy-to-implement energy saving measures as well as identify deeper opportunities for energy reductions. Results can be significant: the Town of Westerly has saved $243,000 in energy costs each year by utilizing this program. Whatever your facility – and whatever your energy saving goals – energy audits are a simple way to get a building energy “checkup” as well as take a first step towards participating in the Efficient Buildings Fund.


Energy audit requests can be completed by filling out this form or by contacting Jerry Drummond at or 401 330-7834.


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