Bristol Gets Grant to Plant Trees in Effort to Boost Climate Resilience

East Bay RI — The Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank has awarded 20 individual “Action Grants” totaling $12 million, earmarked for Municipal Resilience Projects (MRPs), and Bristol will be receiving $113,225 of that.

The funds are part of the 2022 voter-approved Green Bond, which will allow cities and towns to implement resilience projects to address the impacts of climate change.

“In just the last few weeks, communities across Rhode Island have experienced the effects of extreme storms, severe flooding, and coastal erosion, all of which are anticipated to increase due to the impacts of climate change,” said William Fazioli, Executive Director of Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank. “Rhode Island needs to invest in resilient infrastructure solutions now, and that is exactly what this…will allow 19 communities across our state to do.”

Read the entire article at East Bay RI

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